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One of the tattoo styles that we know today, and that 
was initially popularized for men was Sailor Jerry tattoo 
style. Around 50s, tattoos were considered a sign of 

Animal tattoo

Popular animal tattoos for men include
animals lions, ravens, snakes and wolves with
strong symbolism of strength, overcoming
obstacles and endurance like phoenixes, or

Tribal tattoo

Aesthetically pleasing with a strong message
of perseverance, masculinity, strength, and endurance, tribal tattoos have emerged from
far away cultures into the Western

"Tattoos have a
power and magic all
their own. they

decorate the body
but they also
enhance the soul."

- Michelle Delio

Family tattoo

Family tattoos are quite popular in the tattooing 
industry and are emerging as a trend due to the
amazing designs and beautiful illustrations.

Realistic tattoo

Depictions of nature like moons, timepieces, roses, 
women figures and fictional characters are common in 
realistic sleeve designs for men.

Heritage tattoo

A tattoo dedicated to honoring one’s roots and culture, 
these tattoos can be mixed with modern symbols to 
create meaningful tattoo designs, such as Irish and 

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