Calories count of common Indian breakfasts


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Calorie count of popular desi breakfasts in per serving 

Fond of Idli, Puri or Poha for breakfast, but also scared about ruining your diet plans? Then fret not as we have got your back with a list of popular desi breakfasts and their calorie counts per serving of 100 grams, which will help you plan your daily diet goals without compromising on your love for desi Indian breakfasts. 

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This classic South Indian breakfast has around 100 calories per serving of 100 grams, which has around 2 medium sized Idlis served with chutney. 

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Aloo Paratha 

This classic Punjabi breakfast delight is often served with curd and pickle and has around 200 calories in per 100 grams of serving. These crispy Parathas are made by stuffing a simple boiled potato stuffing mixed with a melange of spices and herbs and cooked to perfection with a small amount of oil/ghee. To make this dish healthier one can skip adding additional fats and use a tandoor to cook the paratha. 

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Poha is a delicious Indian breakfast, which hails from the western and central regions of India. This simple flattened rice dish is a light and delicious breakfast, which is made with a mix of veggies, peanuts and subtle spices. One serving of Poha has around 110 calories. 

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Plain Dosa served with Sambhar and Chutney has around 150 calories per serving. This classic South Indian breakfast delight can also be prepared with a delicious stuffing of potatoes, which may increase the calorie count. 

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Upma is a delicious South Indian style breakfast, which has around 120 calories per 100 gram serving. This simple treat is made with a mix of veggies, subtle spices and herbs.

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Vada Pav  

Vada Pav is a classic Maharashtrian delight, which is made with a stuffed delicious Potato fritter inside buttery breads called Pav. This simple breakfast delight has around 217 calories per 100 gm serving. 

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Samosa is a quintessential Indian snack, which is relished as a hearty breakfast or as a tea time snack. One serving of this simple snack has around 150 calories. However, the calories in homemade snacks may be less than 150 calories, if it is baked. 

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