College football Team’s Ranking has angered fans 


By The Anand Market  Nov 6, 2022

As soon as the CFP committee revealed the initial rankings of the year, the college football world was in uproar. 

The TCU Horned Frogs, who were 8-0, were rated No. 7 behind Alabama, which had one loss. 

Here is a sample of what people said on Twitter about it: "Ridiculous that TCU is 7. Committee’s love affair with Alabama continues," said ESPN's Adam Rittenberg. 

"The Pac-12… has a shot. I don’t get TCU being behind Alabama. Big 12 fans are right to be furious," commented Bryan Fischer. "TCU at No. 7???" asked Wes Rucker of 247Sports. "Yikes." 

"Bama ahead of undefeated TCU.""Bama, Michigan, and Clemson being ahead of 8-0 TCU is a [expletive] joke," tweeted a college football podcaster. 

"TCU behind Alabama because of Alabama's impressive one-point victory over No. 24 Texas and, idk, Vanderbilt I guess," commented Shehan Jeyarajah. 

"So TCU has two wins that are better than any win Clemson has..." said FOX's Joel Klatt. "Clemson is not a bad football team, but TCU got snubbed by brand bias... If Texas or OU had the exact same resume as TCU they would by no lower than 4."  

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