Egypt and Jordan's Stance on Palestinian Migrants


By The Anand Market  

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'No Refugees' 

Both Egypt and Jordan, neighboring the Gaza strip and West Bank, have surprisingly shut their doors to Palestinian migrants.

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Egypt's Concerns 

Egypt's President cites regional peace concerns, while the Foreign Minister insists Egypt shouldn't shoulder the burden alone.

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Security Worries 

President El-Sissi of Egypt fears militants could infiltrate the Sinai Peninsula, close to Israel, via the migrant route.

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Jordan's Firm Stand 

King Abdullah II of Jordan echoes the sentiment, firmly stating, 'No refugees,' despite already hosting many Palestinians.

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Speculations of Israeli Plans 

Speculations arise that Egypt and Jordan suspect Israel intends to permanently expel Palestinians, denying their statehood dreams.

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Gaza's Plight 

Amid these tensions, the Gaza strip, often described as an 'open-air prison,' suffers from a lack of basic necessities following the Israeli conflict.

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