Football Stars Express Support for Palestine During Israel-Hamas Conflict


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Mohd Salah

Egyptian star posted a video message, asking for the massacres to stop

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Karim Benzema 

All our prayers for the inhabitants of Gaza who are once again victims of these unjust bombings which spare no women or children

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Mesut Ozil 

"Where is humanity, people?" - Ozil wrote on X days after his post went viral, where he had written, 'PLEASE STOP THE WAR!!!

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Noussair Mazraoui 

Bayern Munich and Moroccan star Mazzraoui posted a pro-Palestine video, where the voiceover said, "God help our oppressed brothers in Palestine"

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Hakim Ziyech 

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" - Ziyech captioned a quote from African-American civil rights leader Malcolm X

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Mohd Elneny 

Arsenal midfielder Mohd Elneny changed his Instagram profile picture to display Palestinian flag

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Anwar El Ghazi 

German Club Mainz 05 suspended Dutch international Anwar El Ghazi, who in a now-deleted social media post, had voiced his support for Palestine

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Youcef Atal 

Nice suspended Algerian footballer Youcef Atal for posting antisemitic message related to Israel-Hamas war

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