Mathura, Jaipur or Prayagraj? Where India wants to go on Holi


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Airfare shoots up 

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Ahead of Holi, prices of plane tickets to most Indian destinations have shot up by as much as 20% as compared to last year, Nishant Pitti, Co-Founder and CEO of EaseMyTrip said. 

Surprise bookings 

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Despite a surge in airfares, the enthusiasm of people to travel has not been dampened. Travel operators have reported a higher demand for domestic and overseas destinations. 

Where is India going on Holi? 

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During the Holi week (6th to 12th March, 2023), Indians are in the mood to travel. Here is where they are going. 


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Pitti said that Mathura is on the top of the search list on EaseMyTrip ahead of Holi. "Travel searches for this particular destination increased by a remarkable 100% this year." 


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A surge of 50% in searches for Varanasi indicates that it is another well-liked option for travellers, the EaseMyTrip CEO further told 


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According to data shared with ETOnline by hotel aggregator OYO, Prayagraj clocked the highest growth (127%) in bookings in 2023 ahead of Holi. 

Patna and Lucknow 

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In terms of hotel booking, Patna (126%) and Lucknow (125%) closely followed Prayagraj, indicating that people want a more authentic experience during the festival of colours. 


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EaseMyTrip data also shows that Jaipur was also on the tourists lists of preferred destinations this year for its unique way of celebrating Holi. 

6-day stay 

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"On our platform we witnessed an average stay of about 6 days, which is greater as compared to the previous year’s data," an OYO spokesperson told 

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