Nargis Fakhri's Birthday


By The Anand Market  

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A Globe Trotter 

In a recent escapade to Italy, she shared a picture of herself striking a pose outside the enchanting Duomo di Milano cathedral.

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Behind the Scenes 

Nargis, who is all set to make her debut in the world of web series with 'Tatlubaaz,' provided fans with an exclusive sneak peek.

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Embracing the Wild and Free 

Amidst her busy schedule, Nargis knows how to find tranquility in nature.

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Living the Dream 

Nargis looked absolutely dreamy in a fuchsia-hued strapless gown. Her caption, "Live your dream!

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A Fitness Enthusiast 

Nargis Fakhri doesn't compromise on her fitness routine. She is a strong advocate for yoga and maintains her fitness with passion.

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