Surya Kumar Yadav's fitness routine is strict and exemplary.


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Suryakumar's diet and fitness secrets 

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After hitting India's second fastest century after Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav's popularity about his playing style and extreme fitness levels is through the roof. Let's find out how he does that: 

Does strength training 

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Suyakumar Yadav knows building muscles requires lifting heavy weights. He does them with many variations that make his body athletic and not bulkier. 

Takes his diet seriously 

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Yadav loves to eat protein in his diet which is a building block of the body. Like every fitness enthusiast, he also enjoys a wholesome balanced diet. 

Treks in the hills 

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Making the most of the nature, Yadav often treks in the hills with his favorite partner, his wife Devisha Shetty 

Never misses cardio 

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While weight training is the hype, this Indian skipper knows how a good cardio routine keeps the body mobile and active. 

​Swims often 

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Stressing on the importance of varied exercises, Suryakumar often goes for a dip while bonding with his cute munchkins. 

​Laughs his heart out 

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Suryakumar shares funny Bollywood spoofs and knows how to have a good laugh. Living a happy lifestyle keeps the cortisol level low and helps in better body functioning. 

Uses Kettlebells 

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While working out at home or at the gym, Yadav makes use of kettlebells for that extra burn while doing his basic cardio exercises. 

Weighted Squats 

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Amplifying the effects of squats on the lower body, this Indian batsman takes them a notch higher by adding weights to squats. 

​Runs everyday 

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To keep those legs toned and his body active, Yadav loves to go for a run everyday. 

Keeps himself hydrated 

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Due to the nature of the sport that requires a lot of energy, there’s always a chance of dehydration. To avoid injuries due to dehydration, Yadav sips water throughout the day. 

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