Top 7 best ChatGPT alternatives in 2023


By The Anand Market  

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Bing AI 

Microsoft Bing AI is one of the top ChatGPT options on the market right now. The new search engine is powered by an updated ChatGPT model.

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Google Bard 

Google Bard is a conversational AI chatbot that works in tandem with Google's search engine. Google's most recent PaLM 2 LLM drives Bard.

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Perplexity AI 

Perplexity AI has been trained using OpenAI's API and thus performs well with accurate responses.

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Chatsonic, also based on GPT, has an integrated Google search, so it can instantly search the Internet and offer you the most complete answer.

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Claude 2 

Claude 2 employs proprietary AI techniques such as a neural network, training data, and others to provide more natural conversation.

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HuggingChat does everything ChatGPT does. A simple toggle enables web access. This lets the bot research its answer online.

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Pi is a unique chatbot designed as a supportive and smart AI. Pi discussions are dialogue-based.

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