Unbreakable Top 10 Box Office Records of Bollywood Pathaan


By The Anand Market  

Biggest Hindi film release 

Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan has received the Widest Hindi Release of all time in India. 

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First day 

Pathaan has broken records and become the highest 1st day grosser for a Hindi film. 

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Highest non-Holiday release 

Pathaan managed to become the highest non-Holiday release ever. 

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Highest grossing for SRK 

Pathaan has become the Highest first day grosser for Shah Rukh Khan. 

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Highest first day grosser 

Pathaan's first day collection has been the highest for Deepika Padukone in her career. 

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Lucky for John Abraham 

Pathaan made the Highest Grossing First Day collection for John Abraham film. 

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A YRF Hit 

The film has managed to get the highest first day grosser for YRF. 

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Lucky for Siddharth Anand 

It is the highest first day grosser for director Siddharth Anand. 

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Hattrick for YRF 

Pathaan has become the third YRF film to cross Rs 50 cr on first day. 

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Enters Rs 100 cr club 

Pathaan has become the first Hindi film to cross Rs 100 cr mark in a single day with its overseas business. 

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