What is Hezbollah, the Group Backing Hamas Against Israel?


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What is Hezbollah? 

Hezbollah is a militant group based in Lebanon and has become an influential non-state actor. Its name roughly translates to 'Party of God.'

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Hezbollah's Stance 

Hezbollah supports the Palestinian cause and opposes the existence of Israel. It has exchanged gunfire with Israel in the ongoing conflict.

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Origins of Hezbollah 

Hezbollah was reportedly established by Iran's Revolutionary Guard amid Lebanon's civil war in 1982.

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Modern Hezbollah 

Modern-day Hezbollah wields advanced weaponry and holds significant political influence in Lebanon. It controls the majority of Shia areas in the country.

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Designation as a Terrorist Organization 

Hezbollah has been declared a terrorist organization by many nations, including the US, UK, Israel, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

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