Why Was the Turkey and Syria Earthquake So Lethal?


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Two earthquakes strike Turkey 

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On Monday, Turkey was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake, only hours after experiencing its most severe quake in the past ten years, which had originated in southeastern Turkey and had a magnitude of 7.9. 

Hundreds dead 

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At least 1300 people lost their lives across Turkey and neighbouring Syria, as the quake triggered large-scale damages and toppling buildings. The death toll is feared to rise. 

912 dead in Turkey 

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According to Turkey's President, over 912 individuals have lost their lives in 10 provinces of Turkey, and over 5,400 were left injured. 

Over dead 300 in Syria 

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According to the Health Ministry, the number of fatalities in areas under government control in Syria has risen to 326, with approximately 1000 individuals being injured. 

The epicentre 

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The earthquake occurred at 4:17 AM (01:17 GMT), with its epicenter located in Kahramanmaras in the Gaziantep province, approximately 33 km from Gaziantep, the capital city. 

What caused it? 

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Turkey is situated on significant fault lines, including the North Anatolian Fault and the East Anatolian Fault, and regularly experiences earthquakes.

Why was it so deadly? 

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The epicenter of the earthquake was situated 33 km from Gaziantep, a city with a population of over 2 million. It was also located approximately 50 km from the border of northwest Syria, an area where about 1.7 million displaced individuals reside. 

Not too deep 

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The earthquake resulted in high casualties due to its shallow epicenter, only 18 km deep, that amplified its intensity at the surface. Additionally, the inadequate construction of houses in Turkey compounded the severity of the situation. 

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