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Weird! Rockstar Games threatened for ‘defamation’ of GTA 6 trailer; deadline January 14

Written by The Anand Market

Updated on:

Lawrence Sullivan, known as “Florida Joker”, has resurfaced with new threats and an increased demand for $10 million from Rockstar Games. Sullivan gained notoriety after publicly criticizing Rockstar for featuring a character resembling him in the GTA 6 trailer. In his latest series of TikTok videos, he airs his grievances and bizarre demands.

The self-proclaimed Florida Joker initially demanded $2 million from Rockstar, which he later increased to $5 million. Now his demands have climbed to a staggering $10 million, citing “defamation of my character” and claiming to have given a month of “free publicity” to GTA 6.

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Sullivan, who previously issued a final warning before his birthday on January 11, extended the deadline to January 14 in his latest TikTok video. He insists that Rockstar must respond by then or it will take legal action. The ever-changing deadlines and warnings add a layer of unpredictability to his antics, reported.

In a peculiar twist, Sullivan posted a TikTok video posing as a character from GTA 6, donning an orange prison outfit complete with a bib that says “GTA, we need to talk.” He alleges harassment and seeks compensation for the unauthorized use of his image in the GTA 6 trailer, seeking damages for both “defamation of my character” and emotional distress.

Florida Joker vows to ‘evacuate’ teenage hacker

Towards the end of the video, Sullivan makes a bold threat. He undertakes to “escape” the teenager recently sentenced to an indefinite hospital sentence for having hacked Rockstar Games and leaked GTA 6 gameplay. The Florida Joker even goes so far as to offer to provide the teenager a laptop to make it easier to hack Rockstar’s systems again.

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As Sullivan continues his bizarre campaign against the video game giant, the unfolding drama raises questions about the nature of online activism and the lengths individuals are willing to go to air their grievances online. digital age.

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