What Happened to Lamar Jackson? Why is Lamar Jackson Questionable? Will Lamar Jackson Play Week 3?

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What Happened to Lamar Jackson?: Lamar Jackson, the quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, got hurt in the 2022 NFL season. He hurt his knee, a part called the PCL, in Week 13 of the games. People first thought he’d be out for a short while, but he couldn’t play for the rest of that season.

In January 2023, Lamar told everyone that his knee still bothered him, and he wanted to play again in the 2023 season, but that didn’t happen.

But then, in May 2023, Lamar and the Ravens talked about his contract, and they agreed on a big deal worth $260 million. This made him the player who gets paid the most in the whole NFL. He also said that his knee was all better, and he was ready to play in the 2023 NFL season.

So, Lamar Jackson had a knee injury, missed some games, but now he’s back, feeling good, and ready to keep playing football.

Why is Lamar Jackson Questionable?

Lamar Jackson was labeled as “questionable” during the game because he hurt his knee when tackled by the Broncos’ defense. When a player is called “questionable,” it means there’s uncertainty about whether they can keep playing in the game because of an injury or health problem.

In Lamar’s case, the knee injury made people worried if he could still play well and if it was safe for him to continue without getting more hurt. The team’s medical experts checked him on the sideline to see if it was okay for him to go back in the game.

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The final decision to let him play or not depended on how bad the injury was and what the medical experts thought about his ability to play without making the injury worse. In this situation, Lamar Jackson didn’t go back to the game because of his knee injury and some other small injuries he’d been dealing with lately.

will lamar jackson play week 3?
Will Lamar Jackson Play Week 3?

Will Lamar Jackson Play Week 3?

Great news for Ravens fans! Lamar Jackson is set to play in Week 3 of the NFL season. In the last game against the Cincinnati Bengals, he did really well, throwing two touchdowns and over 200 yards to secure a 27-24 win. Although he had a stinger in his left hand during that game, he assured reporters that he’s perfectly okay and even demonstrated that his hands were working just fine.

This is fantastic for the Baltimore Ravens and their supporters because having Lamar Jackson on the field is super important for their success. He’s an incredibly talented quarterback and a key player for the team. Despite some past injuries, Lamar is all set for Week 3, and his presence on the field is expected to have a positive impact on the Ravens’ performance in their upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Who is Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson is an American football quarterback who currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the National Football League (NFL). He was born on January 7, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida. Lamar faced a lot of challenges growing up because he lost his father to a heart attack when he was young, and his family didn’t have a lot of money.

But despite these difficulties, Lamar’s incredible football skills became clear early on. He played Pop Warner football alongside his future teammate Marquise Brown. When he went to college at the University of Louisville, he won a very prestigious award called the Heisman Trophy during his second year there. This award is a big deal in college football.

In the 2018 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens picked Lamar Jackson in the first round. He didn’t waste any time making a name for himself in the NFL. He became the Ravens’ starting quarterback during his first year, helped them win their division, and even made history as the youngest quarterback to start a playoff game in the NFL.

Lamar is known for being really good at both throwing the ball and running with it, which makes him a unique and special player. He’s won a bunch of awards in the NFL, including the NFL MVP, and he signed a contract that made him one of the highest-paid players in the whole league. His journey from a tough childhood to becoming a star in the NFL is a really inspiring story of hard work and talent.

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Full Name:Lamar Demeatrice Jackson Jr.
Date of Birth:January 7, 1997
Birthplace:Pompano Beach, Florida, USA
NFL Team:Baltimore Ravens
College:University of Louisville

Why is Lamar Jackson Questionable Week 3?

Lamar Jackson was marked as “questionable” for Week 3 because he had a stinger injury in his left hand from a previous game. When a player is “questionable,” it means there’s doubt about whether they can play in the next game because they might have an injury or health problem.

In Lamar’s case, the stinger in his left hand made people worry if he could throw and handle the football like he normally does. A stinger is an injury that can make your arm or hand feel weak or numb for a little while. The team’s medical experts needed time to check him and decide if it was safe for him to play in the next game.

The final choice about whether he’d play or not depended on how well he healed and what the medical experts thought about his ability to play without getting more hurt. Luckily, he told everyone he was okay after the game, which meant he was healthy and ready to play in Week 3.

Lamar Jackson Early Life

Lamar Jackson was born on January 7, 1997, in Pompano Beach, Florida. He faced a lot of challenges when he was growing up because his family didn’t have much money. When he was only 8 years old, something very sad happened – his dad and grandma passed away on the same day. After that, Lamar’s mom had to take care of him and his brothers and sisters all on her own.

But even from a young age, Lamar had an incredible talent for playing football, and he started showing it when he was very little. He went to regular public schools, and he even played a type of football called Pop Warner with a friend who would later become his teammate in the NFL, Marquise Brown. What’s really amazing is that when Lamar was just 8 years old, he could throw a football a really long way, about 20 yards!

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When he got to high school, Lamar became famous for being able to throw the football incredibly far, like 100 yards! Even though he had a tough life, Lamar’s talent and hard work helped him become a star quarterback in the NFL.

Lamar Jackson Career

Lamar Jackson’s journey in football has been incredibly impressive. It all started in Pompano Beach, Florida, where he showed his talents early in high school. People quickly noticed his exceptional ability to both throw and run with the football. He kept shining when he went to college at the University of Louisville, where he won a very important award called the Heisman Trophy during his second year.

In 2018, Lamar got picked by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the NFL Draft. In his first year as a pro, he became the starting quarterback for the Ravens and helped them win their division. What’s really amazing is that he became the youngest quarterback ever to start an NFL playoff game when he was only 21 years old.

His second year in the NFL was even more incredible. He broke records for rushing yards by a quarterback and threw more touchdown passes than anyone else in the league. Lamar was so good that he won the NFL MVP award, and he was the youngest player ever to do that with a unanimous vote.

He’s kept on doing really well, and in 2023, he signed a contract that made him the highest-paid player in the NFL at that time. Lamar Jackson’s football career is a testament to his amazing talent, how hard he works, and his ability to overcome challenges to become one of the brightest stars in the league.

Lamar Jackson Regular Stats


Lamar Jackson Net Worth

Lamar Jackson’s estiamted net worth is $110 million USD.

Net Worth (2023):$110 million USD
Current NFL Salary:$25 million USD per year
Monthly Income:$2 million+ per month
Yearly Income:$26 million+ per year

What Happened to Lamar Jackson? – FAQs

What Happened to Lamar Jackson?

Lamar Jackson suffered a knee injury during the 2022 NFL season, causing him to miss the remainder of the year, with ongoing knee problems affecting his return in 2023.

What is Lamar Jackson’s current net worth?

Lamar Jackson’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $110 million, primarily earned through his NFL career and endorsements.

When did Lamar Jackson suffer his knee injury?

Lamar Jackson suffered a knee injury during the 2022 NFL season in Week 13, which led to him missing the rest of the season and impacting his 2023 return.

What position does Lamar Jackson play in football?

Lamar Jackson is a quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL.

What are Lamar Jackson’s early life and upbringing like?

Lamar Jackson was born in Pompano Beach, Florida, faced economic challenges, and lost his father at a young age. He displayed football talent early and rose to become an NFL star.

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