What’s next for RSA commercial lines?

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This is the third business indicted for Gibbs’ turnaround, and he is pleased with the progress made so far. In 2018, RSA’s commercial line lost £ 100 million and then entered a strong remediation period focused on technical expertise, customer suggestions, and risk management capabilities.

The business is currently in the midst of a recovery of around £ 160m and is moving out of the restoration phase to focus on growth, Gibbs said. The commercial line business is currently in a strong position, successfully communicating its unique value proposition not only internally, but also to broker partners and the wider market.

“Our team knows what we represent and the broker knows what we represent,” he said. “We’re not perfect and there are always some bumps along the way, but providing a single face to the commercial market is really starting to earn rewards.”

After a few years of repairs, he said, there was a risk that the business could be very concentrated inside. This is what RSA has been actively working on to prevent. Therefore, the focus of business remediation campaigns has been consistently focused on combining unique value propositions to clients with portfolio rebalancing. The current focus is to present a consistent and balanced face to the commercial market as the business moves to the next stage of growth.

“We’ve lifted our heads from improvement. At this point, the focus is on growth,” he said. “It has a different perspective on different P & Ls. For example, the regional business has very strong proposals and is pushing to continue growth, which is about 9% higher year-to-date. In the London market, it is very. Pursuing selective growth so far, it has increased by about 6% year-on-year … The delegated authority business has seen growth of about 10% year-on-year.

“We are also focusing on small business refresh strategies. During the unprecedented 18 months, we learned a lot about SME customers and the brokers that serve them. And the speed of decision making and access to decision makers is clearer than ever. [is key].. “

This has led the business to move primarily to live chat, but beyond that it has evolved into a reputation for the platforms used by the business and the products on the market. The commercial line team pointed out changes in the customer base in the SME market and changes in customer behavior that obscure the characteristics of personal and commercial line customers.

Gibbs has mixed broker feedback on such changes, as it is always difficult to adapt to changes in the way he does business, but RSA is currently working on that feedback and the happiness that exists in that situation. I’m looking for a medium. However, investigating the reaction of breaking through the broader RSA commercial line proposal, he is pleased to hear that the business has returned to the broker’s radar-which is reflected in the year-over-year growth it has enjoyed. increase.

“87% of our customers are staying with us and have been creating new businesses on average over £ 4m each week since the beginning of the year. [about] There are 3,000 new RSA customers this year, “he said. “Recently, we’ve been discussing the acquisition of Intact with our clients and brokers, and we’ve got feedback that the market needs strong RSA.”

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Investigating RSA’s recent acquisition, Gibbs has incredible technical expertise and capabilities, as illustrated by the fact that Intact insures about a quarter of the SMEs in the Canadian market. Said that it offers. He said Intact was very strong in data and analytics, which, combined with RSA’s technical expertise, local knowledge and strong relationships, created a truly symbiotic partnership.

“We are thinking about how we can work together,” he said. “For example, if you look at the SME renewal, it’s been a huge success for SMEs in North America, so there’s a lot to learn from each other … and some powerful not only in the London market business, but throughout Europe as well. There are proposals in the field of expertise. From the perspective of marine, construction, engineering and renewable energy. That is why we are working on a collaborative model and get a single gaze for everyone. [global] trend. That’s when we find a way together and we really feel that there is certainly an intact rocket fuel that can be injected into the RSA business. “

Gibbs said he was pleased with the progress of the commercial line business, the ability to put customers at the center of the business, and the ambition to make people shine in the market. He said it was a great platform and its remediation phase reminded the market of RSA’s unique proposals and the strength they bring to the business.

“I couldn’t be proud of what I’ve achieved in the last two years,” he said. “”[It’s about] Partnership with people. If you focus on your people and your customers and you tailor your business in line with your strategy, it’s about the best suggestions and balanced portfolio for me for our customers, and I’m the same I think the 1,300 people facing you are pretty unstoppable power. “

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