Willis & Company Group announces rebrand following rapid expansion

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Belfast-based Willis & Company Group today announced that it has formalized its structure and renamed it WF Risk Group Limited (WFRG). This move is the result of the company’s significant growth and expansion due to several recent acquisitions.

WFRG is made up of multiple companies with a total of eight offices and more than 140 staff working in major UK and Irish towns and cities such as London, Hull, Leeds, Dublin and Southampton. .. These companies include Willis Insurance & Risk Management, Kennett Insurance Brokers & Risk Management, Kennett Brokers Ireland DAC, Arden Insurance Brokers, Playle Russell Specialist Risks & Thatchline. The group also owns the underwriting company Generation Underwriting Management.

In a press release, WFRG noted that the acquisition of these brands caused the group to experience rapid growth, gaining a strong foothold in the market and subsequently increasing GWP significantly.

Richard Willis (pictured), Managing Director of WFRG, is pleased to discuss the rebranding and allow the team to announce the restructuring and subsequent rebranding. He said the company has experienced a lot of expansion and growth by acquiring brands that are attracting attention in key geographic locations. As a result, the group is now servicing clients on both national and international scales.

“Each member of the staff brings their own strengths and expertise to the table, and we are confident that our clients will continue to do well,” he said. “The group may have changed its structure and brand, but one thing that hasn’t changed is that we are still a very family-owned business and their values ​​are future business strategies and culture. The fact that it remains the key to

Willis said he was very excited about the future of WFRG and saw how the skills of his staff and the hard-working spirit of the company provided full-service service to his clients. He emphasized that the group’s focus on providing the best possible customer service to its clients will continue as well as the quest for further expansion opportunities in the future.

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