Wordle 848 Answer Today: Hints & Clues To Guess Word of the Day on 15 October

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Let’s dive into the Wordle 848 answer for Sunday, the 15th of October, 2023. Today’s Wordle answer isn’t too tough to figure out, but it might present a bit of a challenge. Don’t fret, though; we’ve got some online hints and clues that will assist you in swiftly identifying the word of the day, and securing your daily score. Wordle is a widely popular word puzzle game initially created by Josh Wardle and now owned by The New York Times.

The rules of Wordle are quite straightforward. Players must guess a five-letter word within six attempts. Those who manage to uncover the answer within the given chances will successfully complete the level and maintain their winning streak. Wordle is enjoyed by millions of players across the globe.

Wordle 848: Hints and Clues To Find the Answer Today

wordle 848 answer today
Wordle 848 Answer Today

Let’s take a look at the hints and clues for Wordle 848 on Sunday, the 15th of October, 2023:

  1. The first letter of today’s Wordle answer is ‘L’.
  2. The last letter of the word is ‘Y’.
  3. In the word of the day for Sunday, there are two vowels ‘E’ and ‘A’.
  4. Today’s Wordle answer doesn’t have any repeated letters.

Wordle 848 Answer for Sunday

For those who couldn’t crack the Wordle puzzle today, don’t be disheartened about breaking your winning streak because we’ve got the solution for you. Therefore, the answer for Wordle 848 on Sunday, the 15th of October, 2023, is:


Now, you can continue your Wordle journey and strive to improve your skills in this popular word game. Happy word-guessing!

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